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Tuesday, August 19th, 2003

Subject:12 days and counting
Time:10:15 pm.
I bought a rucksack today and I can't stop playing about with it. It cost a bomb (£150) but I'd rather pay that than get a cheaper one that falls apart after a month. So now I feel like I can start getting ready to go. I have a purpose and a rucksack to fill. I went to see the nurse this morning to "discuss" malaria. When falling asleep I remembered having lecture notes on antimalarials somewhere so my plan was to wake up early, read the notes and dazzle her with my knowledge. I slept in and my rushed revision whilst ironing my work clothes went to waste as she just handed me some more notes off the web and told me she didn't think I'd need to as both Bangkok and Singapore are relatively low risk. Is it sad that I wanted a nurse to quiz me to make me feel like my degree was useful?

Have I mentioned how much my rucksack rocks. It has a daybag that comes off, a waterproof cover and everything. Also the chances of it tipping me over are quite high when I put more than sofa cushions in it. I also need to learn that my width triples when it's on as I nearly broke a lamp.

And I have a job for this week that I really don't have time for. More bloody filing, only this time half of them don't give the smallest hint where they should be filed, so it's impossible filing. Thing is I want to use the agency again when I get home as the money's pretty decent and I felt there was only so many jobs I could turn down.

Wow, this could be a record entry.

People keep phoning me during Fame Academy. It's not good.
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Tuesday, July 29th, 2003

Time:9:32 pm.
My heart is breaking for Alex. And Ric, and even Diane slightly. But if Anita AND Tom leave where is that going to leave the show's scottish quota?
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Saturday, July 26th, 2003

Subject:I should learn to say no
Time:2:41 pm.
Mood: apathetic.
I have no money to speak about, yet I somehow managed to get myself talked into going to a pop festival tomorrow. A pop festival!!! I can't even afford to drink there, not that I'm entirely sure that they sell alcohol there since the average age will be 13. I would try to sneak some in if I wasn't pretty sure they'd check your bags and frown on that sort of thing. So looks like I'm going to a pop festival stone cold sober. It better be sunny. Actually I am looking forward to seeing Busted and Liberty X, the rest I could live without. And nothing is going to stop me from hiding in the furthest corner with my fingers jammed in my ears when Blazin Squad come on. Ach I'm sure it will be a fun day!

I feel as if I have been trying hard last week to find a job, although I still don't think my mum's satisfied. I registered with a temping agency, applied for three bar jobs and a discount clothes store, then I wandered around Glasgow forcing CVs on anyone that would take it. One of them at least must want me, but the thing is I need the job right now and not in the two weeks it will take for interviews and crap. The temping agency did offer me a job helping out with admissions at one of the colleges but it was through until the end of September and I turned it down as I leave on the 1st Sept and would have felt bad leaving them in the lurch. Which pissed off my mum. Maybe I'll buy a lottery ticket for tonight...

Nothing else doing really. Going out for a meal tonight to celebrate a friend's 22nd birthday. Wonder if she'll be offended if I stick to a bowl of soup.

People from uni are already starting to disperse and it's more depressing than I thought it would be. Gregor and Darius left for a month in LA and Ioannis has gone back home to Athens. On the bright side many people from my class that aren't from the Glasgow area are wanting to stay here if they can. Don't know what I'm complaining about, I'll be gone soon enough!
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Thursday, June 19th, 2003

Time:12:17 pm.
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Thursday, June 12th, 2003

Time:8:51 pm.
This is fun, my sister has a guy coming over for the first time and I've been told to dress nicely but try to look undesirable. hmmmm apparently this top is too clingy. Her paranoia is actually quite funny as since he's a teensy bit older that her, she thinks that I'll somehow steal him off her. He's 18 for crying out loud!!!!

What I'm also finding funny is that I can make all the mess I want and she'll follow round tidying it up. I can get used to this :)

.... and this is the highlight of my day. I thought about going up to uni to register for graduation and find out my dissertation mark, but I put it off until tomorrow and went back to sleep.
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Saturday, June 7th, 2003

Subject:"Liars Tears" - Embrace
Time:7:47 pm.
Mood: tired.
So I have officially finished University. Except I haven't really - I could get called up for an oral exam in 2 weeks. But I'm calling it officially finished. And I made sure that my last day was eventful by reading the timetable wrong and turning up 5 hours too early for the exam. I mean, all the other exams were 9.30-12.30, you'd think the last one would be too. Nope it was 2.30-5.30. So I was in town early after sending panicked text messages to my friends to find out why none of the halls had my exam listed outside it. I couldn't be arsed going all the way home since it takes almost an hour each way and it was impossible to study for the 'random exam from hell'. So I decided that I didn't care how sad it was, I was going to the cinema on my own and for some reason it doesn't feel as bad going to see something I'd already seen, so Matrix it was. I was there before the bloody doors opened at 11am (along with a surprising amount of other people) felt a bit nostalgic asking for a student ticket and got myself a kiddies popcorn and softdrink. I must say it was all strangely exciting and kinda fun!!! Almost had to leave before the end as I'd miscalculated slightly how long the adverts and trailers took. People must have wondered why I bolted out my seat the second "to be concluded" appeared.

So the exam couldn't have been any more random. The article that we had to critically analyse was awful. Far too long (took me 45 minutes just to read it once!) and I ended up just picking stupid wee points to comment on just so I had something. Then the essay questions were weird. No song lyrics this year which I was a bit upset about and all the questions were really controversial. I could pick from rambling on about chemical weapons, the merits of cannabis over alcohol, what completion of the human genome project will mean and others that I can't remember. I ended up going with the human genome project and waffled. I'm quite pleased that I somehow managed to work in an analogy from The Hitch Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy. But then I somehow found myself bogged down in the science and started doubting that I actually knew what I was talking about so since time was running out I stopped midsentence and tried to make it look as if I knew where I was going and great things would have come if I'd had more time. It was a bit of a joke, and everyone found the analysis too hard and long for the time given. Think we might even petition against it as a class, but anyway all I care about at the moment is that it's done and dusted.
Everyone went out for drinks afterwards and I gave everyone a good laugh at my cinema exploits. I suppose there are worst ways to be remembered. It was all kind of sad since so many of us are doing all sorts of different things now. I'll keep in touch with quite a few, but I'll miss a lot of them. We were a really close class for the past 2 years.

And today, after much traipsing about I found a dress for my grad ball, which will need altering as I'm just too damn short!!

This is such a weird feeling having nothing to study or worry about. I'm freeeee and jobless. fantastic.
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Thursday, June 5th, 2003

Subject:Hey my account still exists!
Time:6:54 pm.
Mood: blah.
Wow, I completely forgot about this thing. Ok, I'm going to force myself to get in the way of doing this, as it will be cool to update when I'm away. You never know, maybe I'll have something interesting to write about in Australia

Damn, I'm bored. I had my last exam yesterday that studying for would have made any difference. And after my marathon run of 4 in a row last week I really couldn't be arsed actually making use of the 4 days I had before it and once more ended up being up all night Tuesday. There's a good chance I buggered it up quite well, though by the sounds of it so did everyone else. I rambled on in an essay about the merits of parenteral drug administration and now I'm too scared to look up what the word parenteral actually means since at least 3 of us came up with three different definitions. I also feel cheated since nobody told me beforehand that pharmacology was the only degree class to have SIX finals. Every other degree class in the group finished yesterday and brought out their poncy bottles of champagne afterwards. No, not us. We still have our absurd, random 6th exam tomorrow. And I'm actually sitting here bored since I can't really study for it. Tomorrow I really should go and find out what my mark for my dissertation is. I've been putting it off for 2 weeks now.

This is going to be a fun summer if I can't find a job for all of 6 weeks. I'll watch dvds.

Anyhoo... 19 days until chicago, 25 until bahamas and 2 months, 20 something days until Australia. This is what I'll focus on. Forget the rest of my life for now.

hmmm.... I need to rethink the icon. Fame Academy is a bit old now...
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Thursday, February 13th, 2003

Subject:Truly Bizarre
Time:6:43 pm.
Mood: chipper.
I have just had the weirdest day. It's been a while since i've posted here, but I need to ramble on to someone and none of my friends are home.
Started off the same as usual, dragged myself out of bed and into uni to set up experiments. Then I left my lab partner to carry on while I went back into town to meet my mum, sister and grandparents for lunch as it was my mum's birthday. Afterwards was forced to trail round jewellery shops with the family in tow as my grandparents want to buy me a watch for my 21st next week. One of the most harrowing experiences of my life, which I came away from empty handed. No surprises there. I'll look again in a few days ON MY OWN when i've recovered a bit.
I'd seen on a website last week that Sinead Quinn from Fame Academy (middle of pic on this page) was due to do a signing in town today at 5pm. I love her music and had been rooting for her to win, but unsure whether I was sad/obsessed enough to go on my own. My sister said while at lunch that she wanted to go with me, which meant that it was sure to be weird from the start, but Yay! wouldn't have to go alone.
I had to go back to my lab to finish up, but met her back in town at 4. We went along to the HMV to see if she would actually be there or if I was on a wild goose chase. It was on and a queue had started so we went in, bought the single each and joined it. It soon became apparent that most other people there were either 12, neds, mum's with kids, or a strange mixture of all three. To say we stuck out like a sore thumb would have been an understatement. So then the tv cameras arrive and start getting people in line to answer questions. We thought fuuuuck we can't get on tv for something as sad as this, promptly turned our backs and pretended to be engrossed in looking through the cd racks. It was no use. They spotted us, pushed some neds out the way and tapped us on the shoulder. "Would you please answer some questions for us on camera?" fuuuuuuck. It was for childeren's tv, so we thought the chances of people we know seeing us weren't that great and could hardly refuse. So we answered some typically banal questions like who was our favourites on the show and were we excited to meet her. I think in my utter dorkiness I said something like "Yeah, can't wait for her album!"
So after another half an hour spent waiting and mocking those around us (the two boys in front of us had somehow managed to get caught in the queue by mistake and didn't even know who it was at first, then merely stayed since they thought she was hot and got her to sign their tshirts) she eventually arrived and the line started moving.
She's absolutely tiny, makes me feel almost tall. I was determined to think of something better to say than the usual ramblings of a fan, so after shaking her hand and saying well done for coming second, reminded her that she had stated in interviews and such that she very much liked the likes of Alanis Morrisette and Sheryl Crow and asked her if she'd ever listened to the Indigo Girls or Melissa Etheridge as they have similar styles to her and are in short fucking amazing. She admitted she hadn't but seemed genuinly interested, writing down the names and just started chatting away to us, telling my sis she loved her scarf and asked us if we sang or played ourselves. Told her I couldn't sing to save myself but played the saxophone, to which she claimed she would love to be able to play it. Couldn't spell my name without help, but then who can? Said she would definitely look those artists up and was all "Go the girls!" in her mad Irish accent as we were leaving. She rocks!

Totally weird day.
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Tuesday, January 28th, 2003

Subject:Time to kill
Time:2:54 pm.
Mood: bored.
With this second entry, i have surpassed all my previous attempts at keeping a diary. I'm on a roll folks.

I have nothing really to say, but i have time to kill during my lab, no-one's posting at andrezl and i have exhausted my limited memory of website addresses. So i'll complain instead about boredom. I'm constantly having to wait about in my lab. Tissues are so fickle. At the moment i have a 30 minute wait while i incubate it with drugs.
Crap, it's almost the end of January and i've yet to start writing up my dissertation. So maybe this is what i should be doing while waiting about.... nah. I'll make a start sometime this week, it's only Tuesday.
I'm just getting so fed up with the whole studying kick at the moment. When will it ennnnnnnd?

Oooooooh look. sufficient time wasted. Time to hopefully get some results and get out of here.

on a random note: it really doesn't look like winter outside today. We've had such a crap winter this year. Practically no snow and only one week or two of bitter cold. just how i like it. The sun is shining. yaaaaaay! maybe i'll get home before it's dark.

Ok, now i'm late back!
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Monday, January 27th, 2003

Time:4:18 am.
So 3 hours and much peer pressure later, i have some semblance of order to this thing. I think.
Sticking with what I know best, i've neglected to read instructions and charged on with a post. Nothing much to say except it's 4am, i've done F**k All today... yesterday... and have to get up and cut up rats in 5-ish hours. joy. Oooops open invitation to bioterrorism right there. blaming sleep deprivation.
Oooooh i did do something today (apart from this wonderful LJ)! I read half a dozen pages of some impossible to read medical type journal article. go me

right. bed.

Kudos to G for the resizing of the pic. If i'm going to be obsessive i may as well let people know right? It's an adorable pic, that probably will mean diddly-squat to half of you, but hey-ho.

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